About us

About Us

We are one of the renounced standard Aussie puppies Breeder and we have been breeding with my family since 2005 nationally and internationally and have gained lots of experiences. We raise beautiful AKC registered Puppies here at our farm. We endeavor to have puppies for sale throughout each year. We have shown great credibility to our clients in the past and have build an invincible reputation with our clients within USA and worldwide. We are willing and able to do business with any individual willing to purchase a puppy for his or her home or family. We are now giving out our puppies at price discount for reasons that concern me and my family.  Taking care of our lovely puppies is a full time job. They don’t stay in a pen all day. Our puppies socializes with other dogs and spend the hot summer days swimming in the pool. They are part of us. They are loyal with a great temperament towards   people. If we are out in the yard having a family function they are out there in the middle of it all. So with us.


We raise high-quality aussie puppies in a responsible manner. Dedicated to producing healthy, well-balanced AKC certified puppies for loving families across the United States. Our health testing is the cornerstone of our breeding practice. Every adult Aussie pup is health evaluated to verify that they are phenotypically healthy and have the best possibility of producing healthy puppies. We also keep track of our dogs’ genetic makeup by looking at their health records to see how many recessive genetic issues they have in their bloodlines. This kind of attention to health is quite uncommon among aussie breeders.

Our Professionalism

Professionalism is our #1 priority at MHH. It is very important for the customer and client to be on the same page when conducting business with each other. We also have all of our dogs come with a USDA health certificate, health records, shot records and brochures.

Our Environment

We are on a multi million dollar facility with enough space and play ground to make them adaptible to any environment. Our dogs have a specific diet plan designed for their needs.

Our Training

We have one of the best training systems ever designed for our puppies in the world. We have trained dogs all over the world with our most popular training package called the 21 training commands. We teach your dog to do all the commands while using vocal commands and also with hand gestures.


  • Australian Shepherds need roughly 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, preferably with high-energy activities like playing Frisbee. They need a job to do as well, such as daily obedience training or competing in herding and agility trials.
  • Australian Shepherds can be very destructive and bark for long periods if they’re not getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need.
  • Aussies will alert bark to warn you if they see or hear something suspicious, and will protect their family and home with a surprising fierceness.
  • Although Australian Shepherds have the reputation for needing wide-open space, they do just fine in cities if they get enough stimulation and exercise. They’re not good apartment dogs, though. You’ll want at least a small yard to help them get out some of their high energy.
  • This herding dog’s pushiness with livestock can carry over into the home and, with a timid or inexperienced owner, he may assume the dominant role in the family. The breed needs a firm and confident owner — Aussies probably aren’t a good choice if you’ve never had a dog before.
  • Australian Shepherds are average shedders, and their coat needs regular maintenance, including weekly brushing to keep it clean and prevent matting, and possibly trimming to keep it looking tidy.
  • Aussies enjoy the company of their family and prefer to stick close to their human pack. They don’t do well stuck in the backyard by themselves for long periods.
  • Aussies are by nature standoffish with people they don’t know, and unless they have regular exposure to lots of different people — ideally beginning in puppyhood — they can become fearful of strangers. This may lead to biting out of fear and aggression. Give your Aussie lots of contact with friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers to help him polish his social skills.
  • To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they’re free of genetic diseases that they might pass onto the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments.
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